Turn Moments into Memories

with Mid-Missouri's Family, Child & Baby Portrait Photographer

Welcome to Studio T Images, a premier family photography studio serving the lake area.  Your family has a special something-something, right?  A loving vibe, a shared history, an unspoken joke that makes you all crack up.  At Studio T, that’s what we love to capture in our portraits. We don’t give a flip about forcing you into some posed mold.  We just want to reveal some of the heart and soul that makes you and your family unique.

Studio T photographs milestones and spontaneous moments from pregnancy to your baby’s first days and beyond. In addition to family photo shoots in our studio or on location, we offer “just born” hospital sessions, maternity portraits, and a “Year in the Life” multi-portrait series that follows your baby’s transformation during the first year, plus christenings, baby-naming ceremonies, and baptisms. No matter the type of portrait — multi-generational families, children, babies, newborns — we don’t just take pictures; we turn moments into memories.

About Our Photo Sessions

What’s a family or baby portrait session with Studio T Images like? Like life, a session often cycles through action, interaction, reflection, and flat-out silliness in a relaxed, fluid environment. That’s what makes our photography authentic and engaging (that, plus some serious technical chops with natural and studio lighting, composition and post-production). Our secret weapon? We know how to spot the spectacular in you.